Q: Why did you create hoescanner.com?

A: We love them hoes and we were tired of going between pornsites to find the best porn. Hoescanner.com is a one stop pornsite where you can browse and search porn videos. Updated daily with free porn videos.

Q: What can you find on this website?

A: All the porn you can imagine! The target is to have one pornsite where you can find all the porn you could possibly want and need as opposed to going between websites all the time.

Q: Is everything free on hoescanner.com?

A: Yes! All the videos are free and if you find a link to any video that is not free, please report it to us and we will make sure it’s removed. More porn to the people!

Q: How can I advertise on hoescanner.com?

A: Contact us for advertising rates.

Q: Where are you from and what’s your background?

A: Do you really care? We are 3 swedish guys who saw the need of a pornsite where you can find alot of porn, so we decided to do it!

Q: Do you have more websites?

A: There is no other pornsite needed to get porn videos. But we also have www.Lustscanner.com where you can find strip- , massage- and gentlemens clubs.

Q: I have an improvement proposal for hoescanner.com, how can I let you know?

A: We are always willing to improve the site, and any proposal that will improve the site is appreciated! Contact us here.

Q: Is it really necessary to have access to this huge amount of porn videos?

A: Yes! Here at hoescanner.com we want to make sure that you find what you like and always have access to new content.